Family Liaison Officer


Family Liason Officer

Hello. My name is Kelly Higgins and I was appointed Family Liaison Officer (FLO)  for Timu Academy Trust in September 2019, after the Executive Principal identified the need to offer support to the families of Iwade and Bobbing Village Schools.

My role as a FLO is to provide pastoral support to parents and carers and help with any issues that you may have in relation to supporting your children, both at home and in school. I will work to encourage parental involvement within school, signpost to agencies (where appropriate) and support children in school. My primary role is to focus on early intervention and preventative activities with the view of empowering the children so they are able to achieve to the best of their ability.

I liaise with all school staff where necessary and appropriate, always in the best interests of the children and their families. I work impartially and confidentially in a non judgemental manner, providing an understanding ‘listening ear’ if you ever need advice or support.

Should you have a personal concern or school related issue, then I am here to offer support. I have access to a number of agencies who may be able to provide assistance to you and your family. Any query, large or small, I am here to help.

I am a contact for parents and families who have difficulties. These may include issues around parental separation, attendance, academic, health, social services, domestic abuse, police, counselling etc. I am available to provide a listening ear to families and mediate between parents who have separated and find communication difficult, frequently with their children ‘in the middle’.

I aim to promote the self-esteem of parents, in turn to enable them to respond to their family needs by communicating openly and to provide good parenting. One of my main intentions as FLO is to improve relations between home and school.

Need a chat? Many Parents and Carers, regardless of background, feel that there are times in their lives when they need advice and support.  Parents are best placed to make choices for their children but all parents benefit from access to high quality information and advice to help them make the best possible decisions. I am available for informal chats in the playground or appointments so please feel free contact me or pop in and say hello.

My history within the trust has included over two years working in the Iwade School office; previous to this I was a teaching assistant at Iwade School. I gained my childcare qualifications whilst working as a nursery practitioner which was a career change from my role as a Communications Officer for the Metropolitan Police.

Finally, as a mum myself, I never forget how precious your children are and it is my aim to build strong relationships with you so every child is happy, thriving and fulfilling their potential.

I’m here to help! (and always happy to put the kettle on J)

I can be contacted on: email – or via the school offices on (Iwade) 01795 472 578 (Bobbing) 01795 423939