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 £15,627 pro rata | Permanent Term Time, 5 hours per week | 
Iwade School – Kent County Council School Crossing Patrol Service currently has a large team of dedicated community-minded men and women carrying out the important role of ensuring the safety of children on the way to and from school.  We are keen to hear from those members of the community who can demonstrate traffic awareness, a sense of responsibility and are keen to show dedication and commitment in carrying out a very important job to make the roads of Kent safer for children.  The job involves working for approximately half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the afternoon.  A uniform is provided to protect you against the elements. Some basic IT skills and personal email address are required.


Trustees and Local Governors (26 downloads)

Have you got what it takes to be a school Governor?

At Timu Academy Trust we are looking for Trust Board Governors (Trustees) and local Governors (known as the Schools Committee). The Trustees oversee the strategic direction of the Trust as a whole whereas the Schools Committee look at the work of the individual schools.

Being a school governor or trustee is a challenging but hugely rewarding role. It will give you the chance to make a real difference to children, give something back to your local community and use and develop your skills in a board-level environment.

The Schools Committee is responsible for making sure the schools improve each year. It sets the direction and make sure the schools are meeting their targets, whilst allowing the Executive Principal, the Heads of School and teaching professionals to manage the schools on a day to day basis.

Governors attend meetings where reports about the school’s progress are discussed, they test information received by asking questions and make sure the school spends its budget wisely against the priorities shown in the school plan.

What do governors do?

  • Governors work within a structure that gives every governor a role in the governance team
  • learn how the school evaluates its own strengths and weaknesses
  • understand how the weaknesses or areas for development become targets in the annual school plan
  • share decision making to ensure that the school budget supports the delivery of the targets in the school plan
  • receive reports, make focused visits to the school, study results, and participate in other activities to enable them to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the school
  • support the school, act as representatives of the school and provide a link between the school and the community.

Schools need governing boards that have a balance and diversity of knowledge, skills and experience to enable it to be effective. Anyone aged over 18 can be a governor or trustee (but there are some exceptions) and you do not need to be a parent at our schools. There is no requirement for you to have an understanding of the education system, just the necessary skills, character and time to contribute. There is plenty of training available to help you learn about education. Schools needs and benefit from a range of professional knowledge on their governing boards including education, finance, human resources, legal, marketing and public relations, property and estates management, and organisational change.

Generally Governors attend up to 6 meetings a year, each lasting around 2 hours. You will also need to commit to reading the meeting papers ahead of time, and if a School Committee Governor, come along to the schools to undertake monitoring activities. The term of office is for 4 years but you can resign before this if your circumstances change. However, many Governors enjoy the role so much that they serve multiple terms.

As a governor or trustee, you will be able to:            

  • Use your own experience of education and life beyond school to inform conversations
  • Develop and utilise your skills in a board-level environment
  • Make a valuable contribution to education and your community
  • Support and challenge the school so that it improves for pupils and staff
  • Bring your unique experiences, perspectives and insights in to decision-making in the interests of the school community

This is a voluntary role and so is unpaid.  School Governors have a right to reasonable time off work for their public duties although this may be unpaid time from your employer.

Please contact our clerk Jenny Lyrakos for more information or to come and see our schools.